My photographs appear in print (magazines and exhibits) and in digital form on websites. Swedish National Television SVT has published my work and one of my photographs was chosen as Picture of The Day on Kodak’s screen on Times Square in New York. A single photograph is chosen to appear for 24 hours.

I have had solo exhibitions in Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania. Opening a solo exhibition in Athens, Greece in 2018 and planning a solo exhibition in Belgium.

In Serbia, my work was exhibited in the 2nd International Printmaking Triennial in Beograd in Sept 2014, Novi Sad Nov 2015 and Vršac in Dec 2015. I took part in the 3rd International Printmaking Triennial in Beograd in April/May 2017 and in Niš in February 2018.

As of March 2016, a collection of my work is part of the permanent exhibition in The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA. Since early 2017, my work is in five hospitals and clinics in different towns in Lithuania.

I use Nikon D750 & D300 with Nikkor lenses (14-24, 28-80, 28-300, 70-200, 105 & a 1.7 Converter). A Peleng fish-eye and a Lensbaby Composer. Nikon SB-800 speedlight. Mono- and tripods from Manfrotto and Gitzo.

You are welcome to see a my work, simply click on portfolio.